If after u see this post and u're going to think that i'm a narcissistic person, 
i'll say..  " yes..i am " oke .... maybe not always but ....... sometimes .. hehe *shy* :D

Anyway, I really really really wanna thank God for everything that happened in my life. All the sadness and happiness that i've been through. Really Thank God for teach me about patience, positive thinking, forgiveness and how to be a strong person. I'm really grateful for who i am today. Now I'm strong enough to move on cos i've already tried to give my best, 
and God really knows that . :))

" God puts people in ur life for reasons. Some to learn lessons from, to help u along ur way, 
& to make u realize how strong you really are "

" Everything that happens, makes us who we are today. We learn from our past, our mistakes.
 That's how we become better. " 

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! Happy Day !

I picked this batik skirt as my outfit while me and my bestfriends were hanging out together. 
This skirt was made specially for my final project and After i've done with the project, 
i promise i'll post the photos  ASAP :D

chiffon top . ring . red clutch . mine | bracelet . chain reaction | pump heels . chrysalis

  Happy 20th my bestfriend, Erica ! I Love You <3  

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Science & Faith

You won't find faith or hope down a telescope
You won't find heart and soul in the stars
You can break everything down the chemicals
But you can't explain a love like ours

   Welcome October and Please be nice to me and all of you :))  
  Happy Sunday