Called out in the dark

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Girl in Red

bracelet . chain reaction

Red always be one of my favorite color beside black, white, grey and brown.
 Red is a strong and stimulating color that brings you some energy and excitement. 
Love,  passion , sexuality, strength , warmth , confidence --> yaap that's all 
the energy of red .. As a girl who loves red, i always imagine how cool people even if they just 
wear a red lipstick or a pair of red pump heels, or anything else with red accent .. :))

I heart R E D

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Super Short Holiday Part 2

white loose top . green skirt . gowigasa | flat shoes . little thing she need | leather camera bag . abekani

uuu...really wanna try henna tattoo !! :''(

btw a few days ago, i made a new banner for my blog .. what do you think huh ?? 
hope u guys like it :D

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Super Short Holiday Part 1

Had a super short holiday at Genting with my beloved family. Just for 2D1N but i had so much fun ..
And here are my personal snapshots .. Enjoy ! :))

top . velvet | red jegging | flat shoes. little thing she needs | leather camera bag . abekani

Done with super short holiday Day 1.. 
Day 2 to be continue .... :D

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